The net metering program is available only to Member-Consumers who operate renewable electric generation facilities with a nameplate capacity of 20 KW or less and are interconnected with the Cooperative’s system, to generate a portion or all of the Member-Consumer’s own electricity.

According to the Cooperative’s net metering tariffs, the program is available on a first come, first serve basis until the nameplate capacity of all participating generators is equal to the maximum program limit of 1% of the cooperative’s peak load for the preceding calendar year.  1% of Ontonagon County R.E.A.’s peak load for 2014 was 56.16 and the total nameplate capacity of all generators at the end of 2014 was 62.10 as filed with the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Ontonagon County R.E.A. is member regulated, therefore, the board is able to design a program they feel is appropriate for their membership. At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on July 16, 2015, the board has removed the cap and opened the program to new members.

The cooperative has special meters for the net metered accounts.  These meters have two registers, one records the flow of energy from the cooperative to the Member-Consumer and the second register records the net excess that results in the flow of energy from the Member-Consumer to the Cooperative.  The net excess, beginning with October 1, 2015 will be credited to the Member-Consumer at wholesale minus line loss.

The board will be further reviewing the net metering program as regards to rates and terms based on a comprehensive rate study.