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2021 Director Candidates

My name is Bill Hodges.  I am currently on the Board of Directors, District #7 of the Ontonagon REA and have held this position [...]

2021 Director Candidates2021-05-11T20:24:20+00:00

The Nahma Burner Standing Proud for 117 Years

Driving into the quaint Upper Peninsula town of Nahma, it is impossible not to notice the imposing 125-foot-tall structure looming on the shore of [...]

The Nahma Burner Standing Proud for 117 Years2017-08-17T00:29:04+00:00

Railroad Artifact

Peering inside a shed in 2013, Copper Country resident Gerry Lamppa had no idea that his curiosity would result in a three-year restoration project. [...]

Railroad Artifact2017-08-17T00:34:02+00:00

All Hail The Famous Clydesdales

After a lifetime of seeing them on television, excited fans of all generations were thrilled with the arrival of the world-renowned Budweiser Clydesdales at the [...]

All Hail The Famous Clydesdales2017-08-14T20:14:03+00:00

Guiding Strangers In A Strange Land

Baraga County is home to many natural, historical, and cultural attractions, but until recently many have remained some of the best-kept secrets known only to locals. This past June, [...]

Guiding Strangers In A Strange Land2017-08-14T20:14:04+00:00

Mining for Gold in the U.P.

On the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula, you can catch a glimpse of the world’s largest wooden dome, fittingly called Superior Dome. [...]

Mining for Gold in the U.P.2016-11-27T22:18:42+00:00

Bay Cliff Health Camp, A Place Apart

Nestled in the north woods high above the shores of Lake Superior, approximately 28 miles outside of Marquette, is Bay Cliff Health Camp. The camp was founded in [...]

Bay Cliff Health Camp, A Place Apart2016-11-27T22:21:45+00:00

Where A Shipwright’s Career Begins

The Great Lakes Boat Building School (GLBBS) in Cedarville, MI, began when a group of residents brainstormed for an idea they hoped would bring economic opportunities to their community. [...]

Where A Shipwright’s Career Begins2016-11-27T22:25:37+00:00